Work by the SCP Branch with public and private sector organizations cover a range of topics under the umbrella of sustainable consumption and production. It includes work with Governments and research institutions to build capacity in the introduction of design for sustainability and labeling schemes. It also involves a longstanding tradition of work in the terrain of cleaner production, working with various industries and centres to develop and support the introduction of new management tools such as environmental management systems and reporting.

A core aspect of this work remains resource efficiency and the advancement of Life Cycle & Resource Management in corporate and public policies. Activities with business to advance corporate responsibility are paying special attention to strategic management. At the operational level, core themes include systems to enable safer production and being prepared for industrial accidents, which often go hand in hand with natural disasters.

Renewed interest in the downstream side of the value chain has also resulted in a growing body of work on consumption issues and consumer behaviour. Our work related to topics such as climate change, water and waste management show the ongoing importance of education and communications to affect consumer behaviour and change organizational culture towards more sustainable lifestyles.



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